Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Coast to Coast Tonight: Neurosurgeon's NDE/ Ghostly Encounters

Tonight on Coast to Coast, host George Noory interviews Eben Alexander on NDEs and 'ghostly encounters': Neurosurgeon's NDE/ Ghostly Encounters - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Also, the 'Ghost buster Gals' Ronnie Foster and Laura Mistycah in the second half of the program.

Monday, October 29, 2012

'Ghostbuster Gals' on Coast to Coast Tonight

Home - Coast to Coast AM: First Hour: 'Ghostbuster Gals' Ronnie Rennae Foster and Laura Lee Mistycah talk about ghostly incidents, and the thin veil between dimensions.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monster Island News: Oh Cut The Re-Incarnation Crap!

At Monster Island News, one of my favorite blogs, Ken Hulsey  with a post on The Mummy. All the good stuff on classic cinema. Classic monster cinema that is! Monster Island News: Oh Cut The Re-Incarnation Crap!

'Heaven is real, says neurosurgeon who claims to have visited the afterlife'

Heaven is real, says neurosurgeon who claims to have visited the afterlife | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News: Dr. Eben Alexander has taught at Harvard Medical School and has earned a strong reputation as a neurosurgeon. And while Alexander says he's long called himself a Christian, he never held deeply religious beliefs or a pronounced faith in the afterlife.

But after a week in a coma during the fall of 2008, during which his neocortex ceased to function, Alexander claims he experienced a life-changing visit to the afterlife, specifically heaven.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Alien Vampires and Bigfoot Ghosts

Disclaimer: I'm just entertaining ideas on this lazy rainy afternoon. In a slight haze recovering from a bad ear infection and pain killers. So let's not take things too seriously dahlings.

Listened to an excellent interview on Coast to Coast last night. The guest was Marshall Klarfeld, author of books on ancient aliens, including his latest, The Anunnaki Were Here!. (The interview, combined with my foggy mind, caused the most interesting dream, which I wrote about on my Orange Orb blog: Glowing Eyed Anunnaki.)

Alien Vampires
I'm currently reading the late Michael Talbot's vampire book A Delicate Dependency. It's very good; well written and I enjoy the first person narration. The novel was written in 1982, and is set in the late 1800s. My favorite period for vampire stories.

One thing that I came to appreciate in Talbot's novel is the idea that vampires are not merely some evil undead ghoul, but possibly a mutation of human. Or an evolution of human. Or a hybrid. Some or all of the above. And in last night's Coast to Coast program, Marshall NAME theorized on the state of the Anunnaki, then and now. (For surely they still exist.) Not just the aliens as separate entities, but, since they have bred with humans, are of us. Or, we, them. And if they live a very long time, or even, as we may see them, immortal, and, if these aliens are also joined with us in some ways, could it be they have become the inspiration for vampire mythos? They wander, they live a very long time, they're changeable and they're ethereal. They don't drink blood, int eh literal vampire imagery sense, but they do use humans. From enslaving us for the gold they once needed to whatever other purposes (i.e., abductions and nocturnal intrusions), as well as their intelligence that far surpasses ours, the parallels are intriguing. We can also trace their routes and compare it to origins of vampire lore.

Bigfoot Ghosts
Aside from the mundane argument of Bigfoot being a flesh and blood, mysterious  creature -- yet still, a mammal, simply unknown at this time -- is the "paranormal Bigfoot" school. Scoffers at the idea that Bigfoot is a paranormal entity ask how it is a "spirit" can leave behind physical evidence: footprints, scat, vocalizations?

Ghosts leave behind physical evidence of their existence all the time. They can move objects. Sounds, including voices, are heard by both the naked ear and caught on tape. (It's been said that the voice print of a human matches that same person's "ghost voice.") Orbs and ectoplasm appear on film and tape, and can also be seen by the naked eye. The point is, often something is not seen or heard by humans, but later, activity is found on tape, film and audio. And when objects are moved by unseen hands -- well, something is moving the objects!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to Hologram Books

Frank DeMarco, author of Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway, is the guest tonight on Coast to coast. (For info on book see:Welcome to Hologram Books)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Vintage Halloween Ghost Postcard

I like this vintage Halloween postcard with glowing eyed jack o'lantern and ghost costumed, pumpkin faced tricker or treater!

New Dead Files and Ghost Adventures!

Tonight on The Travel Channel, new episodes of Ghost Adventures and The Dead Files! Ghost Adventures investigates the Palmer Hotel.

The Ghost Sheep of France

The Ghost Sheep of France, found photograph, Regan Lee

Here's an eerie image of a ghost sheep, taken in France.

All right, not really. The photograph was taken in France, however, it's simply a double exposure. My sister had discovered that several photos she took while she was in France came out like this, having been double exposed. She was going to throw out the photos but I liked them and turned them into little found art projects.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vintage Halloween Postcard

I love this vintage Halloween postcard. It has a ghostly feel to be sure!

Cool Story, Typical Debunker Nonsense: 'Monkey Ghost House'!

Yankee Skeptic blog writes on the "monkey ghost" that haunts a house he was interested in buying: Monkey Ghost House!

Cool monkey ghost story aside, I always wonder at so-called skeptics who "investigate" haunted locations. They don't believe in an after life, ghosts, spirits, or anything paranormal. Anything said to be haunted can be proved to be, well, not haunted.

I asked the renter if she would allow me to investigate the house. She would only accept if I promised to “Get rid of the damn monkey.” I broke it to her that I had never found evidence for a ghost, human or monkey, and even if I had I would have no clue how to “get rid” of it.

The hubris in that statement is astounding, but not surprising, merely expected in the world of the pathological skeptic.

Confused reasons why he didn't buy the house; supposedly it was the "ghost story" of a pooh throwing monkey spirit, not the pooh throwing monkey spirit itself (since nothing of the kind could possibly exist) that put him off. Future buyers would be disinclined to buy a haunted house. Ah, but wouldn't his skeptic powers save the day and prove to the world no such thing existed and the house was never haunted at all?

The point is, nowhere did this "skeptic" show us how the house isn't haunted. No investigation took place, nothing offered to explain the mysterious wafts of monkey crap and other unexplained happenings.