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Talking to Heaven Oracle

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Bought the new Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards deck created by Doreen Virtue and medium James Van Praagh. I don't like the images at all; they are photographs and it seems cheap to me. A matter of taste. I do like the card back design; a bit typical with stairs and puffy clouds all about, but it's all right.

James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue Talking to Heaven Mediumship oracle
However, so far, as an oracle, I have had some intense mini readings. My cat Matisse died a couple of weeks ago. He was eighteen, and hadn't been doing well the past year or two, just getting old. We literally spent an entire Saturday watching him let go of life and it was damn hard. I have some guilt over this, as I did with my cat Roswell, who was killed by two dogs in May. I still haven't gotten over his death. As we do when loved ones die, we often question if we could have done things differently, and if only we had, we could have prevented their deaths. A normal reaction for many of us but it's also non-productive and not true. My question was "What do I need to know?" surrounding Matisse and Roswell, and the card that I pulled: "You have nothing to feel guilty about."

 A few nights ago I attended a "dumb dinner" (eating in silence, with a place setting, with food, for the ancestors) and afterwards, a sort of seance with the use of ghost hunting equipment. We all took turns holding an EMF detector, for example. It lit up and flickered while I held it (it did this for Jim as well) and I felt the presence of my Dad. I didn't hear his voice, or see any images, but I knew it was his spirit, and not anyone else's. Can't explain it more than that. There was also the ghost box (hacked radio that allows spirit voices to come through) and as I was thinking of my Dad, asking him if he was present, a few bars of jazz came through -- he was a huge jazz fan.

One thing about my Dad -- he has been appearing in my dreams, and his presence in those dreams has evolved. For some time, when he appeared to me in the dream state, he was silent, clearly unhappy. He seemed lost. He was usually behind a glass door or wall; the kind of pebbled glass that you can't see through clearly. His face was usually gray, ashen. The last couple of times he appeared in my dreams he was very happy, talkative, walking around, engaging with me. He looked healthy. Again I asked the cards, with the intent of communicating with my Dad, "What do I need to know?" The card that came up was "We have been together in  dreams."

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Seances tonight's topic on Coast to Coast AM

The first part of the show deals with war and security, but the second part discusses senances:
WarSecurity/ Seances - Shows - Coast to Coast AM:Second Half: Author M.J. Rose will discuss the history of seances and techniques that have been used by the likes of Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, Mary Todd Lincoln and Arthur Conan Doyle to access the souls and spirits of the departed. She'll share stories and legends about the seance, and its connection with reincarnation.

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‘The Haunting Of’: Behind the Scenes With Jay Thomas - Celebrity -

I like this show, and saw this episode. Russo writes that some viewers left comments that Jay Thomas was "rude and obnoxious." I didn't think so at all! He was funny and yes, skeptical, but it also obvious he very much overwhelmed with the reality of what was happening. This was one of my favorite episodes of "The Haunting Of ... " shows.‘The Haunting Of’: Behind the Scenes With Jay Thomas - Celebrity -

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10 Things I Want To See Implemented In Haunting Investigations | JayVay

Jeremy Vaeni offers ten new techniques for ghost hunters. Funny, but ya know, they could work . . . 
10 Things I Want To See Implemented In Haunting Investigations | JayVay: If it’s one thing people love more than ghost hunting, it’s short lists of inventive desires that kinda make sense but also entertain. Because I am love, I have combined the two for your reading pleasure. Here now are the top ten ideas, instruments, and people-as-instruments I honestly would love to see utilized in haunting investigations.

10.) Etch A Sketch

Forget EVP and EMF readings. Set an Etch A Sketch in the corner of the room and ask the presumed entity to draw something–even if it’s just to make a little line. This is something you could leave unmonitored in a locked room for as long as you needed, where the batteries wouldn’t drain and you wouldn’t have to strain to interpret the data like with EVPs. It may sound silly at first but think about it. It’s a simple non-electronic form of recorded communication.

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Ghosts In Japanese Prime Minister's House? Government Unaware Of Hauntings In Shinzo Abe's Home

Ghosts In Japanese Prime Minister's House? Government Unaware Of Hauntings In Shinzo Abe's Home: TOKYO (Reuters) - A delay in Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife moving into their official residence, the site of past assassinations, has revived talk of ghosts in the corridors, prompting the government to deny any knowledge of hauntings.

Abe has not moved into the prime minister's official residence for five months since he took power.

Asked by an opposition lawmaker about the reported hauntings, the government issued a formal statement on Friday saying it was not aware of ghost sightings, Asahi newspaper and other media reported.

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Fighting the Djinn

(cross posted on my UFO blog The Orange Orb. I'm posting it here as well for its astral realm reference, but also because Djinn will mimic poltergiest and ghostly/haunting activity.)

Now, I've been very interested in learning about the Djinn for some time. Particularly the relationship between some UFO/alien encounters and Djinn. One book high on my list is Rosemary Ellen Guiley's The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians & Other Entities.
Guiley was on Coast to Coast last night, and as usual, I listened to some of the interview but had to go to sleep (damn it! I should probably sign up for the Coast to Coast insider) and I had a very disturbing dream. I really don't remember much in way of details -- my dreams are usually extremely detailed -- and it wasn't a pleasant dream. The emotion, the feeling, was so unpleasant; I'd call it a nightmare, and in many ways it was, but I was half-awake the whole time. All I remember is finding myself in some gray astral realm where the Djinn lived, and they were not pleasant beings at all. Very mean individuals. And I, I was doing whatever I could to get away. I couldn't get away physically -- it was like I was stuck in some sort of astral plane quicksand -- but with sheer force of emotion, intense anger (after all, they were pissing me off!) I called upon every positive thing, force, and being I could think of to help me get out of there. For awhile, every time I managed to get out of the strange gray "quicksand" I only became stuck all over again. Maybe less so each time, but not an easy thing to do, escape this realm. Finally, after exhausting myself with prayer, anger, force of will and just plain fighting them, I got away. The Djinn were both happy with my struggles -- a game to them -- as well as displeased I was thinking about them.

I read this on Guiley's site about the Djinn:
FAQS About the Djinn | Vengeful Djinn: Q: Can the Djinn cause nightmares?

A: Yes, like some other entities, they can cause unpleasant dreams, especially “dreams” that are real experiences in an alternate reality. When they wish to manipulate and control, they are capable of interfering in sleep.

There is also this, about getting rid of Djinn:
Q: Are there ways to minimize Djinn visitations?

A: Like dealing with all kind of entities, one must often experiment to find an effective solution, as results vary by individual. However, many people have found that leaving lights, radios and television sets on dampen down paranormal experiences in general. The fields of energy generated by these devices may interfere with the energy fields of the Djinn, as well as other kinds of entities. Some people also have success with prayer, invocations of angels, and with forcefully telling the intruders to leave.

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Deep South Paranormal: SO FAR, PRETTY DAMN AWFUL

Not even a full five minutes into Deep South Paranormal on SyFy, and it's awful. Paratainment at its best best. Cartoon stereotypes: long beards, nicknames, lots of yee hawing. And what the fuck is going on with the alligators in a cage? After twenty minutes, I turned it off.

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Strange Frequencies: Can You Make Sense of this Bizarre Recording? | Who Forted? Magazine

Very eerie. According to Who Forted, this is from 1995 -- just random radio sounds. But we both think it's a highly creative piece, along lines of Laurie Anderson. Very cool, but nothing supernatural. Strange Frequencies: Can You Make Sense of this Bizarre Recording? | Who Forted? Magazine

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Return of the Missing Chopstick

Couple of weird little things in the past few days. Firstly: I've been seeing things out of the corners of my eyes. Nope, not floaters or migraines. I mean, I've been seeing, say, a brown car go by down the road, except in an odd spot, look again, and realize it isn't a car at all, and anyway, no car could possibly fit in that spot, or would need to be there in the first place. Just moments like that, random, but enough for me to say to myself out loud in the car the other day, when it happened yet again "I'm seeing things -- this is very weird!" Being who I am, none of this has worried me in any way, in fact, I take it as  a communication. From something, for some reason -- who, what, and why, to be determined. One reason I wasn't worried was that just before these little glimpses of whatevers, I had been thinking very heavily on the "ghost" -- more like a residual energy -- left behind in our house. Every now and then it seems to wake up. I've also had some interesting observations regarding my cats, particularly one of the cats. Maybe my focusing on these things had something to do with the activity.

Then the other morning I hear Jim calling to me from the kitchen. "There is NO WAY this happened!" he said. What he found was the missing chopstick. Years ago, a friend of ours made us two pair of wooden chopsticks. Simple, and elegant. And the best damn chopsticks I've ever used. They were just perfect. In every way. No other pair of chopsticks has come close to the two pair given to us by our friend. Then, somehow, I lost my pair. But Jim, the lucky bastard, had his. Until he lost one of the two chopsticks. We looked everywhere. For days. And every now and then for the past couple of years. But no chopstick. For sentimental reasons, he kept the one lone chopstick.

So the other morning, Jim is baffled by his find. The missing chopstick, wedged in between one of the plastic drawer thingies we have on a shelf, and the wall. Now, we most certainly would have seen that chopstick -- we use that drawer several times a day. There isn't any way we could not notice a chopstick -- the wondrous, magical chopstick -- wedged between the drawer and the wall of the cupboard.

And anyway, just why would a chopstick end up on a cupboard shelf, next to a drawer? Just one of those weird things.

Ghosts & Conspiracies - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

On the 24th, (Sunday) host George Knapp on C2C interviews Sean Stone:Ghosts and Conspiracies - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
Joining George Knapp, filmmaker and actor, Sean Stone, will discuss his experiences with shadowmen, demons, and ghosts along the eastern seaboard as documented in his film, Greystone Park. Sean will also talk about his role as co-host with Jesse Ventura on the TV series Conspiracy Theory.

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Mrs. Mother: Past Lives, Moldavite

Bought a beautiful moldavite pendant on an ebay auction recently. The description said the item wouldn't arrive until around March 20th, but it arrived today, just as I was leaving the house to drive to the coast, a happy bit of timing for my birthday gift to myself.

Last night, I was hoping that the moldavite would arrive before I left. I was also working with Doreen Virtue's Angel Dreams oracle and developing my psychic skills. Specifically, working with spirit guides and energies.

Last night had the most vivid dream that was clearly a past life encounter:

With friends, including on-line friends and Fortean researchers, upstairs in a room that is painted a light blue color. We're here to watch a classic film -- European, subtitled. In the waking "real" world, there is no such film as this, but in the dream, it's understood this black and white movie is a classic. An "art house" type film, that all of us have seen at least three or four times in our lives. So here we are together, ready for a pleasant afternoon of watching this favorite classic movie. 

Just as the movie is starting, I wonder if I shouldn't call  my mother. My husband suggests I should as well. I hear my mother "calling" me - telepathically, she's telling me she's worried about me. I also see and hear my father (who is deceased) appearing to me, telling me I should call my mother. (In waking life this would be very strange indeed since my parents divorced when I was t I say "This is kind of silly, I'm an adult, I don't need to check in with my mother," but it's not about asking permission, it's about contacting her. I call her and she tells me she's relived to hear from me, she was just worried and wanted to know where i was.

Then the dream shifts. I'm about 9 years old, very precocious. It's the mid or late 1920s. I know we're somewhere in Western Europe, on a very large estate.  I'm with my mother -- only the woman isn't my mother in waking/real life. In fact, I call her something like "Mrs. M," or "Mrs. Mom," maybe Mrs. Mother. While that sounds formal, the feeling between us isn't. It's very loving and trusting. We're both dressed in woolen trench coats --mine is hwite -- and aviator goggles and hats. We're trying to fix our plane so we can take off. Escape, actually. For there is a man, connected to the military, in the second story window of the mansion on this property. He has a rifle, and he is aiming right at us. His only goal is to kill us. 

Both "Mrs. M" and I are working urgently, and of course we don't want to die. But at the same time, I'm resigned to the very likely possibility we might very well die. It is what it is. While I'd certainly prefer not to die, if I do, well, that's the way it needs to be. Mrs. M and I have a conversation as we're working on the plane. I ask her: 
"You're not my real mother, are you?"
"No, well, yes. This time, this third life around, I am. Here, on this earth. Don't you remember? We worked this out before you came here. Your other mothers had you, now, you're with me for this time."
"Oh, that's right." I say. "I remember now." I pause, then ask her, "You really do love me though, right?"
"Of course I do! Very much," and I believe her, absolutely.
The man in the window takes aim. He begins to pull the trigger. We look up, facing him. At that moment, a huge brilliant white orb of light comes flying down, between us and the man in the window. The orb blocks out the sun, and the brilliance of the light blinds the man. I hear an explosion; of the rifle, I"m not sure, of the ball of light, certainly, and I find myself tumbling though space. 

This is what one site says about one of Moldavite's properties:
Moldavite is an excellent stone to use to assist in astral travel and in the communication with spirit guides. Moldavite also assists in past life regression and it can help you to see into the future. source

"The Moldavite Man" writes:
There are many benefits of this stone, and exposure to it, including, activating the dream state when worn while sleeping...

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The Haunted Health Professional

I'm not going to name the exact profession or person due to privacy issues, so I'll just call her/him my "health care professional."

I've been seeing this person for about six weeks now, and from the very beginning, things were off. I liked the person just fine; it was everything else. Something about the building, and especially her/his offices (from now on I'll refer to her/him as "Dr. Astral") really made me uncomfortable. Dr. Astral's offices are weird -- oddly shaped, strange jutting angles, narrow rooms, strange smells. Did not feel comfortable at all.

As I'm laying on the table after a treatment, I go into a light trance like state. I "see" Dr. Astral come in, stand over me, and say: "I'm going to kill you." I knew this wasn't true and not anything like the real Dr. Astral at all, or, anything in my own head. I told "it" who was pretending to be Dr. Astral to stop it. But I still felt very uncomfortable.

On my next visit I mentioned to Dr. Astral, as diplomatically as I could, that the rooms were very strange. That's when Dr. Astral told me the building, built in 1924, was Eugene's first hospital. (Google tells a different story; this building was actually the third hospital in the area.) DING! When I heard that, I literally felt my stomach drop down to my toes.

Today I had another odd experience. Once again, on the table, in that mild trance like state. From out of nowhere, I had the most intense feeling in my throat -- as if someone had flipped on a switch -- of sever hoarseness. Like a bad case of strep throat. And with it, the vague image in my mind's eye of an old man, laying in a bed, I got the impression the sore throat was connected to him. As soon as I focused on the feeling -- rather, acknowledged the sore throat, and the image -- both vanished. Again, like someone had flipped a switch, and immediately, the incredibly severe painful sore throat disappeared.

I have seen apparitions, heard voices, witnessed objects moving by an unseen force, and felt electrical as well as emotional feelings connected with hauntings, but never a physical feeling of discomfort that wasn't "mine," but the life of another.

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Fortean Times: Ghost-hunters and the Delights of Dowsing

From Fortean Times, article on the use of dowsing and pendulums in ghost hunting. I know people who use these tools in ghost hunting; I've tried using dowsing rods a few times during a ghost investigation, but I've never been sure of how to interpret the responses. Then again, never gave it a chance. I do use pendulums but not for ghost hunting. Not yet ... Ghost-hunters and the Delights of Dowsing | Ghostwatch | Strange Days | Fortean Times UK

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Church Cemetery Proposal Causes Concern | KEZI

Church Cemetery Proposal Causes Concern | KEZI

Church Cemetery Proposal Causes Concern

by KEZI Staff

Published January 18, 2013
video preview image

EUGENE, Ore. — Plans to build a cemetery on a Eugene church property have some neighbors concerned.

This week neighbors near St. George Greek Orthodox Church found out about the church’s plans to build a cemetery on their property.

Church members walked around and told them and they also got notices in the mail of the plans.

While the church looks at it as a way to honor deceased members, neighbors had a number of concerns.

A two-lane road separates some homes from the St. George Orthodox Church and the proposed area for a cemetery.

Neighbors say their biggest concern about the proposal isn’t that they’ll be looking at a cemetery, but that building one could affect their water supply.

“I’m concerned because most of the houses on this block are on a well and I’m on a well, and a bunch of dead bodies in the ground in the same water is not going to be fun for me,” said Eugene resident Robert Taylor.

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Jason Offutt: Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids | Mysterious Universe

I have no idea what the "black eyed children" are, but it's a Fortean topic that has me intrigued in a good old fashioned creepy scary way! I've been following these stories from Jason Offutt, Lon Strickler, etc. for awhile now and continue to be truly spooked by these eerie accounts.

I'm not sure the black eyed kids are ghosts, per se. However, this is a very weird area to explore. Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids | Mysterious Universe

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Oregon Ghost TV: Ghost Mines

Here in Oregon, the state's made the ghost TV big time. Premiering January 16, SyFy will bring us Ghost Mine at 10:00 p.m.

The premise seems to be a blend of ghost hunting along with treasure hunting. Hopes of finding not only spirits of dead miners, but fortunes as well, in exploring the mines at Sumpter, Oregon.

This link tells of the shady side of the mines in the area: Mountain ghost town home of Oregon’s greatest mining swindle.


TV show shot in Oregon mixes ghosts and mining |
TV show shot in Oregon combines gold mining with ghost hunting.
New ghost-themed TV show filmed in Oregon