Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sy Fy Ghost Hunting Show in Oregon

Small item in the Eugene, OR newspaper about a crew from the Sy Fy channel in Sumpter, Oregon, a ghost town. No mention of what the show is -- is it a new one, or one we're familiar with -- but it sounds like it might be a new program. Plans are to air the program in November. I haven't been to Sumpter but now I have to get out there!
ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: A television crew is producing a multi-episode series in and around Sumpter, population 200, with the working title of “Ghost Mine.”

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Must Hate Men: SkeptiWatch: Oh Lord Here We Go (Again)

In October I posted the following on a reader's offense at my man hating ways. Presumably I dislike men, espeically males who carry about ghost hunting machines. Oy. All I said was...well, read it for yourself. Comments are interesting as well, for those, go to my SkeptiWatch blog.

Oh Lord Here We Go (Again)
It's almost 2012, and yet, this kind of crap still pops up now and then. . .

Throughout my years and adventures on-line, I've encountered some very odd responses from people of the male gender. I've been accused of being a lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but, it was said as if it were some sort of insult or crime that I committed. It also didn't make sense because I've never said anything about being gay; in fact, the opposite, often referring to my husband. Which shows these critics read only what they want to and not really think. A completely illogical thing to say about me.

I've had men email me or comment on line that I hate men. I have never said I hate men, and I don't hate men. Jesus Christ fuck, I'm married to one. For over thirty years. If I were gay or hated men I don't think I'd be married to the same man for thirty-five years.

I was accused on-line by a man (anonymous, naturally, who frequented a Yahoo group I was a member of) of "wanting to be thought of as a man," and that I "write like a man." Not sure how to respond to that one; if I "write like a man" that implies I'm doing a good job, you know, coming off like a guy, but then in doing so I've pissed off some men, who are offended I'd pretend to be one of them. And, of course, it assumes that a woman can't be intelligent. Oh, she can write about all these subjects and be smart but as long as she keeps a girly vibe. Oy.

The list goes on and it's all so damn silly but it still, after all these years, crops up now and again. The latest, from someone who contacted me not long ago with praises for this blog. Someone who I just asked the other day if he has his own blog, for he has a good take on skeptics. He's been very nice in sending me links to stories I might find interesting. For that I am appreciative, as I've let him know.

But he's found something I wrote today somewhat insulting to the male gender, and wonders if I "dislike men." Truly, at first I thought he might be a little facetious:
Mark said...

Do you have some dislike of men? What is it about dudes with machines that cracks you up?

October 20, 2011 4:27 PM
Regan Lee said...

I hope you're not serious...

No offense meant. Just an observation on the propensity of men -- some men -- on a lot of these shows, Bigfoot, ghosts, etc. who lug around a lot of equipment to "prove" ghosts exist.

But Mark is offended, or at least bothered. And note where I bolded and italicized; the plot thickens. He responds:
October 20, 2011 4:46 PM
Mark said...

Why wouldn't I be serious? You said something that struck me as odd and sounded like you had some dislike of men - in addition to some other things that you said in the past that sounded like they could have meant the same thing, from my perspective. I just wanted some clarification as to whether or not you had some problem or dislike of men and what it was about dudes lugging around a lot of machines that you would find funny. I was not accusing you of anything, but I did want to know if I was interpreting things properly.

This is what I wrote in my ghost hunters post that caused offense:

Sure, it's formula and a lot chest banging. Dudes with machines; always cracks me up.

I realize it's a bit gender specific, after all, women lug around machines and tools as well and are perfectly able. Dude, my grandmother was literally a Rosie the Riveter. Worked in the Portland shipyards. My mother was a pilot. I was making a flip remark about men -- for they are mostly men who are the hosts on these ghost shows -- who seem to spend a lot of time with machines in order to find ghosts. It's funny to me, sometimes. And a bit annoying. I think ghost hunters, men or women, would do better to use their skills in other areas at The use of equipment is debatable and many women would side with the use of machines as well. And I'm not against the use of equipment; it's useful. Sometimes it's overused, in my opinion.

But what do I know? Clearly I'm blinded by my hatred of men to think clearly.

A P.S. : you know, what if I did hate men? So what? I'm entitled to my opinion. Lots of misogynists out there who hate women. Doesn't do any good to argue with the shameful bastards, just gets into some very ugly territory. But they have the right to their opinion. (Hmm, well, almost. There's opinion based on personal histories, and then there's lying and even violence.) That'd be interesting... but don't get ideas. Because I don't "have some dislike of men," as commentator Mark put it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paratainment: Dogs, Alive and Dead

Dogs, Alive and Dead
Watching Haunted Collector last night. Ohio old hotel, now a home being renovated, and large animal cages/kennels in the basement. Huge deep scratches, down to the bare wood on a door; clearly the work of an animal. One of the investigators had an unseen something scratch him across his back.  Bad vibes all around; so bad they came through the television. Jim and I both looked at each other and said "Oh I don't like this." Research into background of the place revealed dog fighting -- "to the death" -- and the dog fighting ring was one of the largest in the country. Authorities spent 14 months investigating before busting the bastards.(The psychos even had children watch the dog fights!)

The team brings in a dog that has "experience working with paranormal investigators." That struck me as odd; the animal doesn't have any choice in that. Whatever happened to bringing in mediums, psychics? We know animals, like dogs and cats, are extremely sensitive and aware of spirit activity. So nothing new really to be gained. Naturally the dog reacts to the basement; is freaked and will not go down there. They try to make him, but he won't have it.
 The baseline sweep picked up nothing until Brian got scratched down the back in the basement! THREE major claw marks down his back!!  Aimee and Jason can't find evidence of a priest being murdered, but they did uncover news reports of a dog-fighting sting that went down in that area. Could they have been using the rectory?  Circumstantial evidence indicates yes!

The team is going to bring a dog- Ceasar the Doberman- in to help with this investigation.  All is fine until they bring Ceasar to the basement and the dog freaks!!  It just refuses to go down there.  Finally, John discovers an odd piece of wood and he fears his suspicions on what it could be might be true. He brings it to an animal shelter, where he learns it was a break stick used in brutal dogfights.  (
Finally the investigators agree to leave the dog upstairs. Later, John Zaffis, the host of Haunted Collector, says how he's a dog lover and this whole thing (the dogfighting) made him sick. I'm sure the was no ill intent meant towards the dog but the whole thing struck me as one more cheap trick in the increasing circus of TV paratainment. UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, if TV is involved, expect ridiculous stunts and little context.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Two Family Ghost Stories

My new Trickster's Realm column is now posted at Binnall of America.

This week's topic: two family ghost encounters.

Skeptibunkie Joe Nickell on Coast to Coast!

Skeptic debunker Joe Nickell  will be the guest on C2C Wednesday night. So many questions dear readers: why why why is Noory having a skeptic on at all as the main guest? Nickell, who is packaged by the skeptibunkie infrastructure as a "paranormal investigator" is no friend of those who explore the paranormal realms. Oh he's mild mannered enough; tries his best to come off as pleasant and has, usually, less of a condescending smirk than Michael Shermer. And he's far less of an arrogant ass-hat than James Oberg. Still, dahlings, he's a "skeptic." (Nickell is infamous for his Owl Theory of Everything: Mothman, Flatwoods, and the Kentucky, Hopkinsville entities were merely owl sightings, theorizes Nickell.) I suppose we could be surprised -- after all, on a Ghost Adventures episode Shermer actually seemed satisfied with acknowledging he simply couldn't explain how or why something very ghostly indeed happened during an investigation. He didn't try to make ridiculous explanations or deny it happened. But I doubt Wednesday's episode of C2C will bring us surprises.  Will I listen Wednesday night? Probably, in spite of myself. Investigating Ghosts - Shows - Coast to Coast AM