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Talking to Heaven Oracle

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Bought the new Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards deck created by Doreen Virtue and medium James Van Praagh. I don't like the images at all; they are photographs and it seems cheap to me. A matter of taste. I do like the card back design; a bit typical with stairs and puffy clouds all about, but it's all right.

James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue Talking to Heaven Mediumship oracle
However, so far, as an oracle, I have had some intense mini readings. My cat Matisse died a couple of weeks ago. He was eighteen, and hadn't been doing well the past year or two, just getting old. We literally spent an entire Saturday watching him let go of life and it was damn hard. I have some guilt over this, as I did with my cat Roswell, who was killed by two dogs in May. I still haven't gotten over his death. As we do when loved ones die, we often question if we could have done things differently, and if only we had, we could have prevented their deaths. A normal reaction for many of us but it's also non-productive and not true. My question was "What do I need to know?" surrounding Matisse and Roswell, and the card that I pulled: "You have nothing to feel guilty about."

 A few nights ago I attended a "dumb dinner" (eating in silence, with a place setting, with food, for the ancestors) and afterwards, a sort of seance with the use of ghost hunting equipment. We all took turns holding an EMF detector, for example. It lit up and flickered while I held it (it did this for Jim as well) and I felt the presence of my Dad. I didn't hear his voice, or see any images, but I knew it was his spirit, and not anyone else's. Can't explain it more than that. There was also the ghost box (hacked radio that allows spirit voices to come through) and as I was thinking of my Dad, asking him if he was present, a few bars of jazz came through -- he was a huge jazz fan.

One thing about my Dad -- he has been appearing in my dreams, and his presence in those dreams has evolved. For some time, when he appeared to me in the dream state, he was silent, clearly unhappy. He seemed lost. He was usually behind a glass door or wall; the kind of pebbled glass that you can't see through clearly. His face was usually gray, ashen. The last couple of times he appeared in my dreams he was very happy, talkative, walking around, engaging with me. He looked healthy. Again I asked the cards, with the intent of communicating with my Dad, "What do I need to know?" The card that came up was "We have been together in  dreams."