Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Haunted Health Professional

I'm not going to name the exact profession or person due to privacy issues, so I'll just call her/him my "health care professional."

I've been seeing this person for about six weeks now, and from the very beginning, things were off. I liked the person just fine; it was everything else. Something about the building, and especially her/his offices (from now on I'll refer to her/him as "Dr. Astral") really made me uncomfortable. Dr. Astral's offices are weird -- oddly shaped, strange jutting angles, narrow rooms, strange smells. Did not feel comfortable at all.

As I'm laying on the table after a treatment, I go into a light trance like state. I "see" Dr. Astral come in, stand over me, and say: "I'm going to kill you." I knew this wasn't true and not anything like the real Dr. Astral at all, or, anything in my own head. I told "it" who was pretending to be Dr. Astral to stop it. But I still felt very uncomfortable.

On my next visit I mentioned to Dr. Astral, as diplomatically as I could, that the rooms were very strange. That's when Dr. Astral told me the building, built in 1924, was Eugene's first hospital. (Google tells a different story; this building was actually the third hospital in the area.) DING! When I heard that, I literally felt my stomach drop down to my toes.

Today I had another odd experience. Once again, on the table, in that mild trance like state. From out of nowhere, I had the most intense feeling in my throat -- as if someone had flipped on a switch -- of sever hoarseness. Like a bad case of strep throat. And with it, the vague image in my mind's eye of an old man, laying in a bed, I got the impression the sore throat was connected to him. As soon as I focused on the feeling -- rather, acknowledged the sore throat, and the image -- both vanished. Again, like someone had flipped a switch, and immediately, the incredibly severe painful sore throat disappeared.

I have seen apparitions, heard voices, witnessed objects moving by an unseen force, and felt electrical as well as emotional feelings connected with hauntings, but never a physical feeling of discomfort that wasn't "mine," but the life of another.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fortean Times: Ghost-hunters and the Delights of Dowsing

From Fortean Times, article on the use of dowsing and pendulums in ghost hunting. I know people who use these tools in ghost hunting; I've tried using dowsing rods a few times during a ghost investigation, but I've never been sure of how to interpret the responses. Then again, never gave it a chance. I do use pendulums but not for ghost hunting. Not yet ... Ghost-hunters and the Delights of Dowsing | Ghostwatch | Strange Days | Fortean Times UK