Friday, January 18, 2013

Church Cemetery Proposal Causes Concern | KEZI

Church Cemetery Proposal Causes Concern | KEZI

Church Cemetery Proposal Causes Concern

by KEZI Staff

Published January 18, 2013
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EUGENE, Ore. — Plans to build a cemetery on a Eugene church property have some neighbors concerned.

This week neighbors near St. George Greek Orthodox Church found out about the church’s plans to build a cemetery on their property.

Church members walked around and told them and they also got notices in the mail of the plans.

While the church looks at it as a way to honor deceased members, neighbors had a number of concerns.

A two-lane road separates some homes from the St. George Orthodox Church and the proposed area for a cemetery.

Neighbors say their biggest concern about the proposal isn’t that they’ll be looking at a cemetery, but that building one could affect their water supply.

“I’m concerned because most of the houses on this block are on a well and I’m on a well, and a bunch of dead bodies in the ground in the same water is not going to be fun for me,” said Eugene resident Robert Taylor.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jason Offutt: Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids | Mysterious Universe

I have no idea what the "black eyed children" are, but it's a Fortean topic that has me intrigued in a good old fashioned creepy scary way! I've been following these stories from Jason Offutt, Lon Strickler, etc. for awhile now and continue to be truly spooked by these eerie accounts.

I'm not sure the black eyed kids are ghosts, per se. However, this is a very weird area to explore. Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids | Mysterious Universe

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oregon Ghost TV: Ghost Mines

Here in Oregon, the state's made the ghost TV big time. Premiering January 16, SyFy will bring us Ghost Mine at 10:00 p.m.

The premise seems to be a blend of ghost hunting along with treasure hunting. Hopes of finding not only spirits of dead miners, but fortunes as well, in exploring the mines at Sumpter, Oregon.

This link tells of the shady side of the mines in the area: Mountain ghost town home of Oregon’s greatest mining swindle.


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