Saturday, December 8, 2012

Watching TV: Electronic Aided Foreknowledge?

Interesting thing that happens sometimes while watching paranormal television. Last night, the same thing happened to both of us at the same moment. We were watching My Ghost Story Caught on Camera (Season 4, Episode 27
Episode Synopsis: A young girl's ghost is encountered at an asylum; a woman is confronted by the spirits of dead sailors on a ship. Original Air Date: Dec 7, 2012.)
I wasn't paying too strict attention - -I was on my laptop -- but I heard the woman describe an EVP that said "coffin." (right as I was typing this, a flash of light came on from, I think, the overhead light -- very weird, never happened before. No doubt it's the dimmer switch which has been acting funky for some time, it's just that the timing is very odd.)  The woman was discussing the reason for the name "coffin" that the ghostly voice uttered. Was it something to do with his death and being in a coffin, she wondered. At the same moment, Jim and I both said "No, that's his name, it's Coffin." We looked at each other and laughed, though we both felt sure that it was his name, and nothing to do with a coffin. 

Few moments later in the show, it turned out there was a man by the name of Coffin connected to the investigation the team was doing;there was a book or ledger with his name on the cover.

Even though the timing of events -- in this case the episode had been taped well before we viewed it -- the energy surrounding the "haunting" is still present, and active. Somewhere we picked up the vibe that the name was a name, and not referring to an object. Since we're both highly intuitive and have mild mediumistic abilities, it's not surprising.