Monday, March 26, 2012

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport Oregon: Haunted or Photo Glitch?

Here's one of my Trickster Realm columns for Tim Binnall's site that I wrote a couple of years ago:<a href=""> Newport, Oregon: A Haunted Hotel?</a>

The Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon is a unique place with an interesting history. The hotel is in the Nye Beach area; which until recently was exceedingly funky and charming. Now they've gone upscale and the looming, out of place, over priced condos and stores are a gloomy statement on things to come. The juxtaposition of old, shambled structures with tall cold modern buildings is typical in many beach towns. That aside, I still love the area and spend a lot of time there.

As I note in the article, I don't think the owners are very open to the possibility the place is haunted. I get the impression they don't have time for such nonsense. But I have felt some very intense and slightly unhappy energy in some spots while visiting. Does the photograph show something of a ghostly nature, or a glitch in the camera? Can't say, but do know this is the spot where things felt very unpleasant.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photo of Heceta Head

This is a photo I took of the lighthouse keeper's house at Heceta Head, Florence, Oregon. I then manipulated the photo with mixed media, mainly oil pastels and acrylics.  The house, now a bread and breakfast is said to be haunted. The main ghost is a woman called "Rue." I haven't had the chance to stay there yet, but I will some day. When I was there, visiting the lighthouse, (the area and lighthouse are open to the public) I saw that the bread and breakfast was closed to the public. It is only for guests, and you are not allowed to walk around the house grounds or visit inside, unless you're a guest. There is a picket fence you can't really see in this photo. But the rest of the area is open to the public. There is a state park fee, I think it's around five or six dollars.

It is very lovely there and a wonderful place to explore, regardless of any haunting. The lighthouse is a fun place to visit -- there are rumors that place is haunted as well but I didn't pick up on anything when I was there, and details don't seem to be as prevelant as they are for the bed and breakfast. Google for haunted background, there's lots of it. Here's one personal report that I liked because it's strictly personal from someone who happened to experience some strange things.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ghost Adventures Tonight!

They've really grown on me. I have to admit, I like this show. I get annoyed sometimes with the rooster routine -- you know, the screaming into the ether:"Ya think it's cool to scare people dude?!" stuff -- and how many times can a dude say "dude" anyway? Then again, I'm old. In spite of that, I like the show, and so, tonight is a new episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

One of the things I like about the show is their willingness to use a variety of ghost hunting equipment. Usually the overuse of ghost hunting gadgetry annoys me, but Ghost Adventures uses new tools all the time. Combined with their personal responses to what's going on around them, and their innate mediumnistic abilities,the use of all that equipment doesn't seem like overkill.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From The Guttenberg Project: Ghost Stories

The Guttenberg Project has been offering free works in the public domain for some time. Here are classic ghost tales you can can download for free.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Alcatraz Stories

My new Trickster's Realm column for Binnall of America is now up at Tim Binnall's site:Alcatraz Stories:
Fox's Alcatraz, is one of the new shows I find myself enjoying. Mainly because it's about Alcatraz; the conspiracy/mystery part is a bonus. (A Trickster moment: the lead role is played by Sam Neill; on The Dead Files last Friday, the psychic did an investigation of Alcatraz, and found that one of the prisoners (or was it a guard? I don't recall) was named Sam Neill.)

I've had a fascination with Alcatraz since I was a child. A combination of factors probably contribute to this interest: a love of all things watery, the mystery of the island as prison, growing up in Los Angeles, the 1969 Native American take over (which is rarely if ever mentioned on shows about the island, particulary if it's a program about hauntings. Whether that's out of respect or political, as in propaganda, I'm not sure) and ... the nuns.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

That's What I Get For Watching Two Ghost Shows at Once

Fell asleep last night going back and forth between Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures. I woke up with a start and realized I had dozed off while the GA episode on a Savannah, Georgia pub was on; seemed very interesting and I wanted to finish watching it but had to give in to exhaustion.

So then I had my second recent ghost dream:
Jim and I are part of a ghost hunting team. I'm using a cane he made for me since my left knee gives me pain. (true about the knee, not true about the cane.) The house we're going into is in Chicago, and very haunted. Negatively so, particularly one of the two bedrooms.

Jim's the tech guy, I'm the medium. This is the first time I'm using my medium skills in an "official" context. We go into the haunted bedroom; Jim asks me if I'm sure I want to go in there since it's so full of bad ju-ju. I say yes, I'm not afraid, I'm grounded. The moment I enter I am almost literally knocked out with the energy of bright white light and three large round, flat cirlces. It's negative but not going to harm us. Not now anyway. It wants to communicate with me first and knows if it hurts us it won't have a chance. It's more important to this spirit energy that I hear it so it's behaving for now.

Jim asks if I'm okay and say yes, I want to go on. After that blast of energy I get my bearings. I see on overlay, like a transparency put up over the existing scene, of a young woman and a child, a boy I think, around eight years old. They're sitting at a nightstand, behind a lamp that is obscuring their faces. They, and especially the woman, are intentionally hiding their faces from me. These are two of the ghosts in the house. They are aware of the negative entity also present in this place.

This overlaid ghost picture contains information in the images. I "know" without exactly being told in words, the history of the woman and her child. Someone very famous lived in this house; someone like General Dwight D. Einsenhower, but it's clear it wasn't him. For some reason his name is being used to convey who it really was that lived here and I can't get a handle on it. I have a lucid moment in the dream: "Why not just tell me outright, why hide behind someone else's name?" I do know the person was famous, and a politician that had something to do with the military. He both abused and then killed his wife and child.

The lights and the energy are incredibly strong. I'm "told" via these images, this woman, that I can find out more in both specific places in the house, as well as archived materials in the local library and other records. 

I wanted the dream to continue but I was awakened by the alarm. I so hate that!

I don't know why the dream took place in Chicago. I've never been to Chicago and have particular connection or affinity for Chicago. The other ghost dream I had took place in the small town of Cottage Grove, which is about 25 miles from here. Both locations with "c" in their names.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

When Entities Collide: Ghosts, Aliens, MIBS, and Entities and The Trickster Faeries

When Entities Collide: Ghosts, Aliens, MIBS, and Entities and The Trickster Faeries: Are aliens, at times, really ghosts? Or entities? Or the other way around? Do they imitate each other at times; if so, why? Is that the Trickster at work, mimicking one or the other, to confuse? After all, that's what the Trickster loves to do.

Sometimes entities of some type seem to imitate ghosts and aliens. There has been some interesting discussion about what we consider 'aliens' (meaning extraterrestrial) mimicking ghosts. (What we think of as ghosts.) And what about 'shadow people?' which some researchers believe are ghost like, but not ghosts; entities, but not aliens. Of course, no one knows for sure.

There's also a UFO/entity-alien and Bigfoot connection. Is Bigfoot a poltergeist or, is there a connection with Bigfoot and poltergeists, as Bigfoot researcher Lisa Shiel recently suggested? (Poltergeists: The Other Synchronicity with Bigfoot?).

"When Entities Collide: Ghosts, Aliens, MIB and Trickster Fairies"

Article I wrote for UFO Digest in 2007:<a href="">When Entities Collide: Ghosts, Aliens, MIBS, and Entities and The Trickster Faeries</a><br />
<br />
<i>Are aliens, at times, really ghosts? Or entities? Or the other way around? Do they imitate each other at times; if so, why? Is that the Trickster at work, mimicking one or the other, to confuse? After all, that's what the Trickster loves to do.<br />
<br />
Sometimes entities of some type seem to imitate ghosts and aliens. There has been some interesting discussion about what we consider 'aliens' (meaning extraterrestrial) mimicking ghosts. (What we think of as ghosts.) And what about 'shadow people?' which some researchers believe are ghost like, but not ghosts; entities, but not aliens. Of course, no one knows for sure.<br />
<br />
There's also a UFO/entity-alien and Bigfoot connection. Is Bigfoot a poltergeist or, is there a connection with Bigfoot and poltergeists, as Bigfoot researcher Lisa Shiel recently suggested? (Poltergeists: The Other Synchronicity with Bigfoot?).</i></blockquote>
<i></i><br />
<br />
Rest at UFO Digest.<br />
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Greg Taylor: Stop Worrying...There Probably Is An Afterlife -- Indiegogo

I'm happy to promote Greg Taylor (The Daily Grail, Darklore Journals, etc.) latest project: Stop Worrying...There Probably Is An Afterlife -- Indiegogo:

For too long, the debate over the possibility of some sort of hereafter has been dominated by these two diametrically opposed views. So much so, that the general public is not aware that there is some very good evidence supporting the idea that, at the time of our physical death, some part of us 'continues on'. In the book I am currently writing, I will tell the story of how, for more than a hundred years, scientists have been finding evidence for consciousness continuing on beyond death; people have been recounting their own personal encounters with 'the other side of the veil'; and some of the world's best thinkers have been suggesting that human consciousness may be far more than just the accidental by-product of a flesh-and-blood brain. The evidence may not be concrete, but it's certainly enough for any person to hold a 'rational' belief that we all continue on in some way.

I have written about these topics in short-form for almost 15 years now on my popular website The Daily Grail, and in a number of books I have already published (see for example this article). I am an experienced publisher, having released a dozen books already through my independent publishing house, Daily Grail Publishing. Please help me bring this topic to a wider audience, in more detailed form, by supporting this book project.

What I Need, And What You'll Get

I am already currently working on the book (20,000 words down at the time of writing), and it will be released no matter what level of support I receive - this has been a personal quest of mine for quite some time now. The goal of this pre-publication funding is to make the book as good as it can possibly be, by allowing funds for absolutely comprehensive research (tracking down/purchasing source documents, interviewing key people, freeing up time for writing, etc.) and book design/manufacture expenses. As such, I've made a very conservative estimate of $5000 as a goal to do this, though my ideal funding level is higher. However, I appreciate whatever support is offered by those interested in seeing this book published.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ghost Synchronicity: Stories at Work

A synchronicity; after starting this blog about ghosts, a lively discussion of the ghost at my place of employment. This conversation was not started by me in any way; it erupted spontaneously between two staff members when I was in the room. A colleague echoed what I've always thought: given we've both had life time experiences with haunted places and have had our share of ghostly encounters, neither of us have had much, at all, tingling of our ghostie-senses. Others have, and there was, according to another employee (who also lived in a haunted house) a recent episode of activity.

It's interesting I seem to just not be getting the vibe, even though I certainly have in so many other situations, including those I wish I hadn't welcomed. (I wish I hadn't encountered a few!) But at my place of work, barely nothing in terms of bumping up against the ghost.

I have felt ... vague but still viable enough feelings at times. And I've always felt uncomfortable in a certain part of the building, but never attributed it to a ghost. Instead, I just figured it was because it was far from my own station, or it was too cold up there, something like that. But I was surprised to hear one of the women say that she's always felt uncomfortable in that part of the building, and she attributes it to the ghost.

There have been strange things happening, witnessed by others through the years. Nothing malevolent in any way. I know this is frustrating but since it's a public place and I work there I can't say anymore. But one thing seems clear; just about any building, and certainly one that is a few decades old, and has gone through several remodels, built on land that is still, in parts, untouched, is full of energy from so many bodies from so many backgrounds. All of that contributes to a place ripe for spirit energy.

Ghost Hunting Theories: How To Ghost Hunt From Home!

Autumn Forest at Ghost Hunting Theories shares information about a new ghost hunting program, via YouTube, but it's not quite the usual:Ghost Hunting Theories: How To Ghost Hunt From Home!

The TGAPHtv channel on YouTube gives you the hours of raw footage in haunted location to review. Be a sofa ghost hunter! TGAPHtv is a crew that goes to some amazing places. You have the chance to review their video and see if you can find anything. Let them know what video and what the time stamp was. It's their goal to share with you the important task of reviewing evidence

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exploding Glass

 (Orignially posted on The Orange Orb, March 21, 2010)

A strange and kind of cool thing happened earlier this evening. Jim and I were watching 'Psychic Investigators' while eating our dinner. We were also talking -- a lot. We talk a lot anyway, but we were kind of on a high, for some reason. We started off commenting on the program; then debunkers, then the Flatwoods case and my article I had just finished about that for Trickster's Realm, MK Ultra, the recent book and news about the LSD experiments in France, and so on. Just your typical kind of UFO/Fortean/esoteric nerd kind of conversation.

The energy was kind of "buzzy" and I had a distinct thought that "Hmm, Jim's really excited about this stuff," more so than usual that is, as I was. We were talking about Project Stargate and remote viewing and the idea that the government hadn't shut down a damn thing, just gone deeper down into the depths with their covert RV/mind control selves, when my plate exploded in my lap.

It's a heavy glass plate. I had it resting in my lap; we both heard a lot "bang" and the plate had broken into six pieces. We looked at each other and Jim said "That was pretty cool." Which was an insipid thing to say but I had to agree; it was "pretty cool." It made us laugh. The timing of the thing was weird, the thing itself was weird. A perfectly good plate, a heavy one at that, and it just broke into six clean pieces.

This happened to me one time before, when I was sixteen or so. I was sitting in my girlfriend's living room. I remember we were talking about sex, and, about ghosts.  A heavy green glass ashtray that was sitting on the bottom shelf of the TV stand kind of rose up in the air then, a loud bang, and the ashtray broke right in half. We both just looked at each other and, well, freaked. Obviously the combination of energies contributed to that incident; our age, the sexual charges in the air, and the communication-connection to the other side. A guarantee for that kind of thing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Out of Place Ghosts: Jim Marrs and Roswell Ghosts

(Posted on my Orange Orb blog 4/18/07)

I suppose all ghosts are “out of place,” or they wouldn’t be ghosts.

And maybe “out of place” -- the designation OOP -- isn’t quite accurate here.

But this item, and the Jim Marrs story of Roswell hospital ghosts, inspired this thought.

From this item: ghosts in Antarctica. It just seems like an odd image; ghosts in the snow. Snow ghosts. Ice ghosts. “The Thing,” maybe. Something about all that snow and ice and the unseen makes it all the more unwordly and creepy. (I'm not an ice and snow person, maybe that has something to do with my unease.)

Erebus crash blamed for Antarctica 'ghosts'
By JOHN HENZELL - The Press | Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A supernatural experience in Antarctica on Friday the 13th has left a winter worker convinced of the existence of ghosts on the frozen continent.

American Allie Barden was sent to work in a stores building at McMurdo Station, the United States base near New Zealand's Scott Base, and knew it was empty because it was padlocked from outside when she arrived.

"As soon as I entered, something was weird," she said.

"I took a couple of steps in (and) the hair on the top of my head stood on end – footsteps upstairs; undeniably footsteps. A slow cadence of footsteps.

"I froze. It went from the back of the building to the front."

Ross Island is rife with ghostly sightings, often attributed to the 257 victims of the Air New Zealand plane crash on Mount Erebus in 1979, whose bodies were stored at McMurdo before being returned to New Zealand.

That, juxtaposed with all the weird covert experiments going on in Antarctica gives the conspiracy, esoteric minded individual a lot to play with.

I mentioned Jim Marrs; some time ago he was a guest on C2C and had a greatly interesting story to tell of “alien ghosts” in a hospital in Roswell. Really juicy, fascinating stuff for any Fortean junkie. Curiously, I haven’t heard much follow up on this. I did find this story by Marrs:

Emma Duran said she once met a man who told her that he had worked at the Roswell base and that aliens from the crash site were autopsied there. He told her that he had taken a bit of metal from the crash debris but that government agents had retrieved it from him and warned both he and his family not to talk about it.

Owen, who has both seen and heard strange things in the NMRC, said he had never encountered the alien ghost but nevertheless added, “I’ve heard people say they have seen aliens running around.”

And then there’s the ghost-UFO connection. Where elements of UFO activity seem to mimic hauntings. Or, one appears to facilitate the other.

Nothing enlightening here as to theories or pontifications. Just a somewhat idle observation.